Marni Troop, LMFTA

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I view the world as one big system, consisting of many smaller, intertwining ones. Malfunctioning systems cause problems. Because we are all part of those systems, everything we do can change everything else in the system. No matter your views, identity, or culture, I'm here to work with you, as well as your family, friends and partners to identify your needs and resolve your problems.

Allow me to help you learn how to change the world around you and increase your satisfaction by learning to change how you view your relationship to yourself and your systems. My job is to help you make that happen–offering you the skills and tools to do so. 

I am as comfortable with the "traditional" as I am with any other life path. My own history is very colorful, and it's quite possible that I've "been there" too. Even if I haven't, I want to learn about your world, from your perspective, because therapy with me is all about you.

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