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Dr. AnnElizabeth Card, Psychologist

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I am a feminist psychologist who works from a culturally informed perspective; the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we are told about who we are, create our reality.   You will find my approach is direct, compassionate, thoughtful, and supportive. 

Psychotherapy is a sacred space wherein we work collaboratively together to enhance your present life skills and develop a stronger sense of self and of self-determination.   As such, I see my role as helping you figure out who you are and who you can choose to become given your goals, struggles, and strengths. 

During my three decades of professional experience, I have worked with adults, groups, and organizations.  This includes specializing in work with women, non-binary people, and members of LGBTQIA+ and indigenous communities.   My clinical specialties  include compassion fatigue, responding to life’s changes, grief, anxiety, interpersonal challenges, conflict resolution, and helping clients generate the stories which define themselves.  

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