Couples Therapy

Even the happiest couples need a tune-up sometimes. Life is full of challenges, such as career changes, adding a new member to your family, or simply finding yourself trapped in a day-to-day routine and no longer connecting. 

In couples counseling, each partner has an opportunity to reflect on their individual perspective and understand how their counterpart is experiencing the same issues. With guidance from a professional therapist, couples can improve their communication skills and grow together toward a happier future.

Family Therapy

You may want to seek family counseling if members of your family are struggling with mental health issues or to navigate challenging life transitions, such as a move, divorce, or loss. With the help of your therapist, your family can enhance communication skills, improve conflict resolution, and develop empathy for each other.

When booking a family therapy appointment, each person attending will need to receive our intake information. If you are unsure about your family member(s) wanting to join you for therapy, you will have an opportunity to meet with your counselor one-on-one and they will help you find the right course of action.