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We recognize that every individual's journey toward mental wellness is unique, which is why our medication management services are tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each client. Darien Wellness begins all our treatments with psychiatric evaluations to understand all our clients’ cases. Whether you're seeking relief from debilitating anxiety, struggling with the symptoms of depression, or facing challenges related to other mental health conditions, our team is here to provide compassionate care and support every step of the way.

In addition to prescribing and monitoring medication, our psychiatric nurse practitioners collaborate closely with our team of therapists and counselors to ensure integrated and holistic treatment approaches. We believe in the importance of addressing the underlying causes of mental health issues and empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their treatment options.

Medication Management

For some, adding medication to your care can better help meet your goals in therapy. We provide in-house medication management for all of our clients. Our psychiatric nurse practitioners work with teenagers and adults, providing expert guidance and support in managing various mental health conditions. Our psychiatric nurse practitioners have extensive experience in addressing a wide range of mental health concerns, including but not limited to:

  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • OCD
  • Sleeping Issues
  • PTSD 
  • Bipolar Disorder

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If you don't see your specific issue listed above, please don't hesitate to reach out to our office. Our dedicated team of Intake Specialists is available to answer any questions you may have and help you schedule an appointment. Your mental health and well-being are our top priorities, and we are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care possible.