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Dr. Vincent Schroder, Psychologist

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My orientation is one of a deep respect for emotion – along with a practical emphasis on the present moment. What are we seeking? What is blocking us? 

In my experience (as a psychologist for 20 years), I’ve come to appreciate the power in providing an intense, caring, therapeutic focus on the emotional field that gives rise to stubborn patterns of feeling, thoughts, and behaviors. A gentle, respectful, persistent exploration of the origins and reach of attendant anxiety, stress, trauma or sadness, has the potential to loosen rigid, dysfunctional holds. 

Clients that I have been fortunate to know describe having more energy and ease and clarity, along with being more able to navigate – to experience and move through – fear, anger and sadness. Many make constructive shifts in intimate, friend and family relationships as well as in career contexts. Please reach out to meet up if you would like to see if we are a good fit!

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