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Darien Wellness, a Leader in Anxiety and Depression Therapy Across Connecticut, Announces Website Reboot to Support Those Affected by the Pandemic

Darien, Connecticut - August 26, 2020. Darien Wellness, counseling group based in Fairfield County, is proud to announce an exciting website reboot. As Connecticut returns to work and school amidst the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the company is beefing up its website and online service offerings to better serve clients with issues such as anxiety, depression and trauma related to Covid. The company also offers marriage and couples counseling as well as therapy for children, teenagers and families. "Long before COVID-19 hit we were offering online services to our clients," explained David Exell, CEO of the group. "We are experts in online therapy and were ready for the challenges the Covid epidemic presented to us. And now we are launching our patented Video Visits platform to offer an even better virtual experience to clients across Connecticut. We are serving local residents in Darien, Norwalk and Stamford but also in Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven or as far as Storrs. We are meeting the needs of people anywhere in the state who need experienced licensed counselors who take insurance. We have group contracts with some of the biggest insurance providers in Connecticut, including Cigna, Anthem, Blue Cross, Blue Shield and Aetna.” Anxiety and Depression Therapy in Darien Connecticut Interested persons can visit the website at The website uses the secure "https" format and has a plethora of information on issues. For example, persons who may be suffering from anxiety can visit the anxiety information page at That page offers basic information on anxiety and explains that the best step to take is to reach out for a consultation. Consultations can be scheduled via the online form (accessible via a 'get in touch' button) or by calling 203-883-0464. A secondary page dives into the issue of depression at and similarly explains the issues surrounding depression. In both cases, however, persons are strongly advised not to rely on online information but to reach out for a confidential, one-on-one consultation with a trained Intake Specialist. BRING THERAPY SERVICES ONLINE FOR CONNECTICUT RESIDENTS Here is background on this release. Connecticut and the area north of New York City has been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond tragic hospitalizations and deaths, schools have been closed, churches and places of worship put on hold, and working online has become the "new normal." Many families and persons now spend a disproportionate time indoors in close quarters. If that were not enough, the news media have fostered a climate of constant updates and fear. It's no surprise that Connecticut residents are living in an age of anxiety and depression. To that end, Darien Wellness has undertaken an ambitious website upgrade project. The company is not only upgrading its web-based information. It is also offering online counseling and therapy for Connecticut residents via their new Video Visits platform. ABOUT DARIEN WELLNESS Darien Wellness ( is group practice based in Darien, Connecticut, but now serving the entire state via teletherapy. Clients come to the company seeking help for conditions such as anxiety and depression as well as a multitude of others including but not limited to ADD / ADHD, bipolar disorder, emotional trauma and conflict, teen therapy, OCD, Bipolar diagnoses and other mental health issues. The company also has Gottman trained  marriage therapists to help with couples counseling.