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Thuraya Abdi, APRN

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I am an experienced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with over thirty-five years of experience. I deal with problems such as: stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, insomnia, anger management, panic attacks, and ADHD.  I have always been inclined toward the holistic and healing nature of Nursing, but am able to provide FDA-approved medications if indicated.

My earnest goal is to help you achieve your best mental and overall health. I am dedicated to providing the optimal interventions possible by learning the best and most evidence-based approaches to patient care so that I can provide holistic patient treatment. I am an active listener and I use motivational interviewing techniques. The more I learn about your problems and concerns, the better I can provide treatment options.

I have many degrees to my credit: FNP, PMNHNP, a BSN from Central Connecticut State University, an MSN from Sacred Heart University and a Post-Master’s Degree in Psychiatry from the University of St Joseph.

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