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Darien Wellness, a Leader in Online Anxiety and Depression Therapy Across Connecticut, Announces New Localized Pages

Darien, Connecticut - September 30, 2020. Darien Wellness, a counseling group based in Fairfield County, is proud to announce new localized landing pages.anxiety, depression, trauma, covid therapy in CT and online The new pages focus on key cities in Connecticut and yet explain the service offerings of the group including its innovative online therapy or teletherapy approach. In this way, a resident of Danbury, Bridgeport, or Hartford, can find the website and learn about how to proceed with his or her therapy needs. "Anxiety, depression, and stress of marriages and relationships are increasing throughout Connecticut," explained David Exell, CEO of the group. "Many people look for local therapy and marriage counseling services and may not realize that online therapy is an option right here in Connecticut. Our new pages are a form of outreach to help them learn their options and find the best therapy for their needs.” Interested persons can visit the website at and scroll down to key links to these new pages. For example, pages on Bridgeport, Danbury, and Harford can be viewed online. Then a potential client can reach up to the easy links to email, contact, and phone to schedule a no-obligation complimentary initial consultation. An intake specialist will discuss their needs and explain the various therapy options. Those interested can read content-specific pages such as the page on anxiety at


Connecticut has been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, anxiety has dramatically increased across all age groups as have complaints of depression, panic, and anxiety. Inquiries have increased as couples and families struggle with anxiety, depression, and the general stress and malaise of the coronavirus and its economic and emotional impact. Another issue is that coming in for face-to-face therapy sessions has become problematic at best, yet people still often search for "therapists near them" or "marriage counseling near them," regardless of if they are in Darien, Bridgeport, Hartford, or New Haven or other cities and towns across Connecticut. At Darien Wellness, clients can avail themselves of therapy that is safe during the Pandemic yet meets their needs. For this reason, Darien Wellness is excited to announce its new localized pages.


Darien Wellness is a group of local licensed counselors who take insurance. Based in Darien, Connecticut, they are now serving the entire state of Connecticut via the Internet with their patented Video Visits platform. Clients come seeking help for conditions such as anxiety and depression as well as a multitude of other diagnoses including but not limited to ADD / ADHD, bipolar disorder, emotional trauma and conflict, teen therapy, OCD, Bipolar diagnoses, and other mental health issues. The company also has Gottman trained marriage therapists for couples seeking to enhance their relationships.